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Pallone’s CLEAN Future still a fracking mess

Technology neutral framework a possible subsidy for dirty gas, biomass and nukes

WASHINGTON– Chairman Frank Pallone (D-NJ) released an updated version of the CLEAN Future Act today. The new version proposes a faster 2035 timeline to achieve “net-zero” emissions in the power sector. However, the new bill maintains the partial credit for fossil fuel generation emitting less than .82 metric tons of CO2e per megawatt-hour through 2030 and then slowly lowers it to .40 in 2035.

Friends of the Earth previously co-released a report with the Partnership for Policy Integrity in 2020 identifying the potential benefits of the plan to both fracked gas power plants at baselines of both .82 and .40.

Friends of the Earth Program Manager Lukas Ross issued the following response:

This is a monumental failure of climate leadership. Chairman Pallone had over a year to remove fossil fuels from the CLEAN Future Act and didn’t bother to reconsider. A clean energy standard that qualifies fracked gas is a joke. We need real solutions like solar and storage, not a dirty lifeline for gas, nukes and biomass.

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