Sen. Crapo’s involvement in Pruitt condo corruption

New posters highlight Sen. Crapo’s involvement in Pruitt’s condo corruption

Activists plaster Capitol Hill with 300+ posters

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Activists plastered the area around Capitol Hill last night with over 300 posters calling attention to the growing scandal around Scott Pruitt’s condo rental that is now pulling in Senator Crapo (R-ID) and others. It highlights new revelations that Senator Crapo used the same condo rented by Pruitt to host fundraisers—without paying for use of the space from its lobbyist owners.

Lukas Ross, Climate and Energy Campaigner at Friends of the Earth, issued the following response:

Scott Pruitt’s corruption scandals are now dragging down members of Congress like Senator Crapo. If Republicans don’t abandon Scott Pruitt now he will remain a scandalous weight around their necks heading into the midterms. Polling research shows this corruption is what frustrates voters most and it is already contributing to stunning electoral upsets across the country. Republicans in Congress face a choice to either continue supporting Pruitt’s corruption or join the growing movement to fire him.

Picture of poster in front of EPA headquarters: