Pruitt faces Congress as corruption scandals grow

Scott Pruitt faces Congress as corruption, ethics scandals grow

WASHINGTON, D.C. – EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is scheduled to appear today for back-to-back hearings before subcommittees of both the House Energy and Commerce and the House Appropriations Committees.  He is expected to face tough questions about his recent wave of ethical controversies, including his illegal phone booth, his lobbyist landlord, and raises he secured for his closest political aides.

Erich Pica, President of Friends of the Earth, issued the following statement in advance of Pruitt’s testimony:

Scott Pruitt is the most corrupt administrator in the history of the EPA and must go. Pruitt cannot weasel his way out from under this mountain of scandal by lying and deflecting blame. Republicans who treat Pruitt with kid gloves should expect consequences in November from Americans who are fed up with Pruitt’s corrupt behavior.

Corrupt people like Pruitt will always try to throw others under the bus, so Congress must take responsibility and use their constitutional power to impeach him.

Note: Erich Pica will be present at the House Energy and Commerce hearing and will be available for comment.

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