Rep. Clarke calls for moratorium on new fossil fuel infrastructure, calls for end to Danskammer gas power plant

In second video, Clarke to push Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) to oppose Danskammer natural gas power plant

NEW YORK CITY – In videos recorded at a Brooklyn Public Library on Monday, August 26, Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.) told an activist from Friends of the Earth she supports a moratorium on fossil fuel infrastructure.

“Yeah absolutely, I mean I don’t [know] why we would be putting more financing into fossil fuel infrastructure if we’re at the stage where we should be turning to infrastructure that enables us to maximize on green fuels,” said Congresswoman Clarke in the video.

Congresswoman Clarke further told the activist that she would “have a conversation” with Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) concerning the proposed expansion of the Danskammer natural gas plant in an attempt to “make sure it doesn’t go into effect.” The Danskammer plant is located on the Hudson River in Rep. Maloney’s district in Newburgh, NY, an hour outside of New York City.

“We appreciate Rep. Clarke’s steadfast support for a moratorium on fossil fuel infrastructure,” said Jenny Bock, regional organizer for Friends of the Earth. “As part of her commitment, taking a stand against a new natural gas power plant will help ensure clean air and water for New Yorkers.”

The proposed expansion of the Danskammer natural gas power plant would spew greenhouse gases and other toxic emissions into the air and would accelerate climate change, according to a flyer from Food and Water Watch. 

“The proposed Danskammer expansion would lock the region in fossil fuel dependence for decades to come at time when New York and the nation is facing a climate crisis,” said Santosh Nandabalan, organizer for Food & Water Watch. “The decision ultimately resides with Governor Cuomo who must know this goes completely against his own climate goals and pollutes our air and water. Other members in the New York delegation should follow Congresswoman Clarke‘s lead by opposing the Danskammer fracked gas plant and pushing for a real Green New Deal that stops all new fossil fuel infrastructure.”

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