Response: Green Climate Fund & appropriations package

Response to Green Climate Fund and appropriations package

Washington, D.C. – The appropriations package released late last night does not block funding for the Green Climate Fund. Karen Orenstein, senior analyst at Friends of the Earth U.S., had the following response:

This is a rebuke to those Congressional extremists who tried to play politics with desperately needed money to help the world’s poor take climate action. Morality and reason, rather than science-denying isolationism, prevailed in this case.

That said, money for the GCF must not in any way be used to trade away the bedrock environmental laws of the United States. The environment does not recognize zero sum political games. One positive act does not magically cancel out the tremendous damage that would be caused by the passage of anti-environment policy riders.


Expert contact: Karen Orenstein, (202) 640-8679, [email protected]

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