Senate stimulus a good first step, but pitfalls remain

Senate stimulus a good first step, but pitfalls remain

WASHINGTON, D.C. Senate negotiators reached a deal on a $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill early this morning. Although concessions were made regarding Leader McConnell’s $425 billion corporate slush fund, the oversight and guardrails remain insufficient.

Michelle Chan, VP of programs with Friends of the Earth, issued the following statement in response:

It is shameful that Mitch McConnell’s corporate wish list delayed an aid package that is meant to help people who are suffering. Minority Leader Schumer and Senate Democrats deserve credit for holding fast against Republicans who were poised to allow corporations to exploit this pandemic for profit. Because of strong progressive leadership, this is an important first step to providing aid for individuals, frontline workers and small farmers.

The defeat of $3 billion exclusively for Big Oil is an important victory, but McConnell’s corporate slush fund is still a major problem, as it could be a runaway bailout for polluters. We need Congress to prevent polluters from getting a dime, and to do more to meet the basic needs of everyday people.

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