Facebook’s Policy Climate Science Information Center

Green Groups Statement on Facebook’s Policy Climate Science Information Center

WASHINGTON – A coalition of green groups released a joint statement today in response to Facebook’s announcing its new Climate Science Information Center.

We applaud Facebook for taking concrete steps to reduce its carbon footprint as a company by setting goals that are in line with what climate science demands. However, Facebook admits climate disinformation on its platform is a rampant problem, but is only taking half measures to stop it. This new policy is a small step forward but does not address the larger climate disinformation crisis hiding in plain sight. Climate deniers are an easy group to define—we gave Facebook the list. As we’ve seen with the fires in Facebook’s backyard, active hurricane season, and extreme weather, the dangers of climate change are urgent, real, and deadly. Just as Facebook has taken responsibility for its own carbon emissions, it must take responsibility to stop climate deniers from spreading disinformation on its platform.

Groups signed on:

Friends of the Earth
Sierra Club
Union of Concerned Scientists
Waterkeeper Alliance
Media Matters for America

Facebook Stepping Up the Fight Against Climate Change: https://about.fb.com/news/2020/09/stepping-up-the-fight-against-climate-change/

Communications contact: Aisha Dukule, [email protected] 

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