FoE Responds to Tik Tok’s New Climate Misinformation Policy

Friends of the Earth Responds to Tik Tok’s New Climate Misinformation Policy

WASHINGTON – Today, TikTok reportedly announced an overhaul to its current community guidelines, including an essential addition that includes climate mis- and disinformation in its misinformation policies. The company also pledged to add transparency for users on existing policy decisions.

Michael Khoo, Climate Disinformation Program Director at Friends of the Earth, released the following statement:

TikTok’s new policy to reduce the spread of climate disinformation is a step in the right direction. However, it can and should go further. Tik Tok, and social media companies like Google, YouTube and Facebook, should open up their algorithmic black boxes in order to build trust and work towards creating a safe and equitable digital public square.

Furthermore, it’s up to political leaders to turn TikTok’s voluntary commitments into industry baselines. Only broader legislative action can provide the safety, security, and privacy required in our digital spaces. Initiatives like the Digital Services and Oversight Act and strong implementation of the E.U.’s Digital Services Act could take us much further towards transparency, and encourage this young industry to mature.

We applaud any action to reduce the flood of climate disinformation online and encourage all social media platforms to adopt policies that protect their users and discussions on how to save our planet.”

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