Trump announces rollback of GMO, biotech regulations

Trump announces rollback of GMO, biotechnology regulations

Washington, D.C. – Today at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s convention in Nashville, TN, Donald Trump stated his intention to loosen regulation of GMOs.  

Dana Perls, Friends of the Earth’s Senior Food and Technology Campaigner, issued the following statement in response:

This is just the latest of Trump’s attacks on sensible, science-based regulations, once again putting the interests of corporations ahead of the interests of our health and environment.

Our decades-old regulatory system should be reviewed to evaluate the safety of the next generation of risky GMOs and the pesticides that go hand in hand with them. 

 Instead of doing that, Trump is giving irresponsible companies like Monsanto a free pass to remake our food system, to the detriment of farmers, consumers and our environment. 

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