Trump’s parting gift to Big Oil

Trump’s parting gift to Big Oil

Rushed OCC “fair access” rule should face the Congressional Review Act

WASHINGTON– The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has finalized its “fair access” rule today, designed to protect oil companies from lenders making informed decisions based on climate risk and the dwindling economic prospects of dirty energy. This comes only ten days after the closing of the comment period. 

 Friends of the Earth Program Manager Lukas Ross issued the following response: 

 OCC’s fair access rule is a disgrace and should be one of the first things Democrats dismantle after January 20th. With a new majority in the Senate, we fully expect Democrats to give this rule the treatment it deserves under the Congressional Review Act. Trump’s parting gift to Big Oil cannot be allowed to stand.  

Expert contact: Lukas Ross, (202) 222-0724, [email protected]
Communications contact: Aisha Dukule, (202) 893-3502, [email protected] 

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