U.S. Beekeepers lost the second-most hives in history

U.S. Beekeepers lost the second-most hives in history

Bee losses highlight the need for immediate action on pesticides

WASHINGTON – The Bee Informed Partnership released its preliminary annual report on honey bee losses in the United States. Beekeepers recorded the second highest annual losses in history, including the highest summer losses ever.

Jason Davidson, food and agriculture campaigner with Friends of the Earth issued the following statement in response:

These bee losses are as dire as they are predictable. It’s reprehensible that the EPA continues to ignore clear science linking neonicotinoids to devastating bee losses, giving pesticide companies a free pass to keep killing pollinators while raking in billions.

Time is running out for managed and wild pollinators. To save bees and ensure a sustainable food future, we must pass legislation like the Saving America’s Pollinators Act to ban bee-toxic pesticides and we must support farmers in transitioning to ecologically regenerative agriculture.

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