U.S.–Korea trade deal: air pollution, global warming

Trump’s revisions of U.S. – Korea trade deal promise more air pollution and global warming

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Donald Trump today reached an agreement in principle on a revised U.S.- South Korea trade deal that would open the door to more exports of U.S. cars and trucks that fail to meet Korea’s auto emissions standards.

Bill Waren, senior trade analyst at Friends of the Earth issued the following response:

Donald Trump has coerced South Korea into accepting changes in the U.S.-Korea trade agreement that would increase exports of U.S. cars that fail to meet Korea’s auto emissions standards. The revised trade deal would allow U.S. companies to annually export 50,000 vehicles that fail to meet Korea’s standards compared to the 25,000 vehicle quota in the old trade deal. Trump’s lack of concern about clean air standards, public health and climate change threatens people and the planet.

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