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This administration is dead-set on dismantling our environmental protections--and one of the most dangerous weapons at his disposal is spending cuts. After being starved of funding for years, the Environmental Protection Agency is now the target of a full-scale assault by the Trump administration, which is pursuing the steepest cuts in the agency’s history.

If they succeed, the EPA as we know it could end, leaving the agency virtually powerless to defend our air, water, and public health from corporate polluters.

We can’t let this happen. To stop this agenda, we need to mobilize quickly and demand that Congress fully fund our environmental protections.

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Friends of the Earth Responds to Supreme Court Overturning Chevron Deference

Today the U.S. Supreme Court issued an opinion that wipes the longstanding legal principle of Chevron deference off the books.

70+ Organizations Oppose CARB Chair Mary Nichols for EPA

Over 70 organizations, led by California-based environmental justice groups, sent a letter to President-Elect Biden on Tuesday urging him to reject Mary Nichols as a prospective nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency.  Nichols has served as the Chair of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) since 2007.

Lawsuit Threatened Over Trump Administration’s Failure to Cut Airplane Climate Pollution

Environmental groups today threatened to sue the Trump administration for failing to fulfill its obligation under the Clean Air Act to curb planet-warming pollution from airplanes.

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Undoing the damage Pruitt and Zinke did to our environment
Undoing the damage Pruitt and Zinke did to our environment

Scott Pruitt and Ryan Zinke seemingly handed the EPA and DOI over to corporate polluters. They debased these agencies and endangered public health. Americans are relying on the Democrats to stand up, stop these destructive actions and protect people and the planet.

Andrew Wheeler: Pruitt and industry puppet
Andrew Wheeler: Pruitt and industry puppet

Wheeler is set to make his first appearance as EPA chief in front of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee today. As he testifies, it’s important to remember that Wheeler is still dutifully advancing Pruitt’s anti-environment agenda. Here are four ways that prove Wheeler is nothing more than a…

Three things to know about Andrew Wheeler and the company he keeps
Three things to know about Andrew Wheeler and the company he keeps

Wheeler is a former coal lobbyist who is cozy with climate skeptics and fossil fuel interests. After a career of over 25 years in Washington, he has accumulated some truly unsavory connections.