Fire Ryan Zinke Archives

Fire Ryan Zinke Archives

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is dead set on handing our public lands and waters over to corporate polluters, disregarding the devastating effects on local communities and public health. He wants to destroy our national monuments with drilling and mining — and is ignoring local communities in the process. He plans to ramp up oil and gas drilling off our coasts. And he wants to gut protections for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Zinke's fossil fuel cronies are set to profit from his destruction of our public lands and waters. And one of those cronies — chairman of oil giant Halliburton — has entered into a shady deal with Zinke's foundation. Zinke is also guilty of wasting tax dollars on private planes, attending political events while on official government trips, and disproportionately targeting climate scientists and Native American staff for reassignments at Interior.

There are currently 17 official investigations into his misuse of funds and potential corruption. He must be held accountable for exploiting his office for personal gain, so we are calling on Congress to fire Ryan Zinke.

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Ryan Zinke resigns amid scandals, corruption

Zinke’s days of plundering our lands and enriching himself and his friends are over. With an average of nearly one federal investigation opened into his conduct in office per month, Zinke’s highly questionable ethics have finally caught up with him.

Zinke Probe Referred to the Justice Department for Investigation

If the DOI Inspector General believes Zinke broke the law, the Secretary must be removed from office as quickly as possible.

Digitized DOI visitor logs published by Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth today published a digitized version of the 2017 handwritten visitor logs for the Department of Interior main building in Washington, D.C., which were released under the Freedom of Information Act.

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