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Finance Campaigning to Block Petrochemicals & Plastics and Create Safe Communities

Plastics pollute throughout the supply chain – from fossil fuel extraction to processing and manufacturing at petrochemical plants.

Anti-ESG Disinformation Network Analysis

Our analysis suggests ESG investing was given an ideologically charged framing from a network of influential, anti-“woke” actors and became yet another climate-related culture war topic leading up to COP27.

Liquefied Natural Cash

A report looking at how methane exports reverse climate progress, harm consumers and endanger communities.

Hydrogen Hype

Touted as a versatile climate solution for everything from power and heating to transportation and heavy industry, the tiniest element in the universe is suddenly very trendy. But beware the hydrogen hype.

Interior Letter on Post-IRA Leasing

President Biden cannot be a climate leader until we begin managing our public lands and waters in a manner consistent with climate science.

Denounce – Divest – Defund Formosa Plastics’ “Sunshine Project”

The Formosa Plastics “Sunshine Project” is a proposed $12 billion, 2,400 acre petrochemical complex slated to be built in St. James Parish, Louisiana. Learn how corporate subsidies and the legacy of racist policies create a hotspot for polluting facilities like these in Louisiana, what local communities are doing to fight back, and how our finance campaign can help end the project for good.

ED statement on Manchin permitting deal

As leaders of environmental and environmental justice organizations representing millions of members and supporters from across the country, we oppose attaching the Energy Independence and Security Act to the National Defense Authorization Act.

Los Eco-Ilógicos

A look inside the sprawling online network that spreads climate misinformation to Spanish-speaking communities around the world.

Deny, Deceive, Delay: Documenting Climate Disinformation at COP26 and Beyond

In place of climate denial, narratives have trended towards discrediting any proposal for mitigation, adaptation and transition - arguments sometimes referred to as ‘discourses of delay’

Climate Disinformation and the New European Regulations

The European Union has moved more quickly than the United States to adopt laws and regulations impacting digital platforms.