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Anti-ESG Disinformation Network Analysis

Our analysis suggests ESG investing was given an ideologically charged framing from a network of influential, anti-“woke” actors and became yet another climate-related culture war topic leading up to COP27.

Los Eco-Ilógicos (en Español)

Una mirada dentro de la extensa red en línea que difunde desinformación sobre el cambio climático a las comunidades de habla hispana en todo el mundo

Los Eco-Ilógicos

A look inside the sprawling online network that spreads climate misinformation to Spanish-speaking communities around the world.

Deny, Deceive, Delay: Documenting Climate Disinformation at COP26 and Beyond

In place of climate denial, narratives have trended towards discrediting any proposal for mitigation, adaptation and transition - arguments sometimes referred to as ‘discourses of delay’

Climate Disinformation and the New European Regulations

The European Union has moved more quickly than the United States to adopt laws and regulations impacting digital platforms.

Reducing Climate Disinformation Through Administrative Action

Immediate actions for the administration to hold social media companies accountable for letting climate disinformation spread.

Climate Disinformation and the Digital Services Oversight & Safety Act

The draft Digital Services Oversight and Safety Act (DSOSA) bill will empower analysts and advocates working to reduce climate disinformation by requiring transparency from social media companies.

Recommendations for Social Media Companies

Disclosing the data: recommendations for transparent climate change disinformation policies, community standards and reporting

In the Dark: How social media companies’ climate disinformation problem is hidden from the public

Ranking Big Tech on transparency: A new scorecard by Friends of the Earth, Avaaz, and Greenpeace USA shows that social media companies are largely leaving the public in the dark about their efforts to combat climate disinformation.

Four Days of Texas-Sized Disinformation

New analysis by FOE uses FB data to show that their approach misses the point & will still likely miss the vast majority of disinformation.