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Economic Policy Campaign: Position Paper

Mega-mergers in many sectors — from finance to agriculture to technology — have increased corporate power and control, both in economic and political terms. Today, corporations have a stronger electoral voice than ever and greater lobbying power.

Bayer-Monsanto Merger: Big Data, Big Agriculture, Big Problems

If Bayer and Monsanto are allowed to complete their proposed $66 billion merger, the economics of food, farming and the environment will be radically altered. Competition in agriculture will never be the same.

Farming for the Future: Organic and Agroecological Solutions to Feed the World

Farming for the Future details the science that demonstrates that organic and agroecological farming are fundamental to feeding all people, now and into the future.

Spinning Food: How food industry front groups and covert communications are shaping the story of food

The industrial food and agricultural sector spent hundreds of millions of dollars from 2009 to 2013 on communications efforts to spin the media, drive consumer behavior and advance its policy agenda.