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At A Crossroads

Assessing G20 and MDB International Energy Finance ahead of stop funding fossils pledge deadline

Release the Guidance: Backgrounder on US International Energy Finance ahead of COP27

Since taking office, the Biden-Harris Administration have made a series of commitments, executive orders, and guidances towards ending this international public finance for fossil fuels.

The Trouble With Gas in Vietnam

The World Bank and its private sector arm, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), are continuing to massively support fossil gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) build out in Vietnam as part of a so-called “renewable energy transition”

Letter to Secretary Yellen on IMF vote

We urge you to demonstrate greater leadership at the IMF and among other IMF shareholders to support the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Comments on IMF Surveillance Guidance

The IMF should adopt a ‘do no harm’ approach and commit to ensuring that IMF policy recommendations do not actively exacerbate inequalites.

Letter to EXIM on Domestic Financing

If EXIM provided domestic support for the fossil fuel industry as it did for Freeport LNG, such financing would undercut the Biden-Harris Administration’s climate commitments.

Letter to EXIM on refinery expansion in Indonesia

As the main purpose of the refinery is to produce gasoline and diesel, EXIM support for this project would be in violation of President Biden’s climate executive orders and plans.

Letter to EXIM on Malaysia petrochemical project

Friends of the Earth United States (FOE) writes to express deep concern for EXIM’s consideration of Pengerang Energy Complex (PEC) Petrochemical Project in Penerang, Johor, Malaysia.

Submission on the 2021 Development Policy Financing (DPF) Retrospective

DPFs make up a significant portion of World Bank financing, representing 26 percent of overall Bank financing in the latest Retrospective period covering July 2015 to June 2021.