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Letter on CLEAN Future Act

The CLEAN Future Act (H.R. 1512) is a prime example of the type of half-measure we must avoid. The CES in the newly proposed bill is defined broadly enough to allow “natural” gas (fossil gas), biomass, and nuclear power to qualify.

Testimony on V. C. Summer Nuclear Project

Public Interest Testimony Presented in absentia from the Witness List of the Senate’s V. C. Summer Nuclear Project Review Committee and House Utility Ratepayer Protection Committee

The Failure of the Nuclear Gamble in South Carolina

An in-depth economic analysis released today documents that a problem-plagued nuclear reactor construction project in South Carolina must be abandoned.

South Carolina Energy Caucus News Release

With so many questions surrounding the future of energy development in South Carolina, state lawmakers have come together to form a new bipartisan energy caucus.

The Dangers of Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear power, which currently provides roughly 19 percent of the U.S. electricity supply, has proven to be one of the dirtiest, most dangerous and most expensive sources of energy since it was first commercialized well over half a century ago.

Comments on Sept. 2013 Bechtel Phase 2

Final Technologies Assessment for Alternative Cooling Technologies at Diablo Canyon Power Plant

Fukushima: Human Health Impact

Human health impact of the Fukushima-daiichi nuclear disaster

Fukushima: The Future of Nuclear Power

The future of nuclear power, one year after the Fukushima-daiichi nuclear disaster.

San Onofre Steam Generator Failures

This second analysis on the troubled San Onofre reactors details design changes that could have contributed to equipment degradation.

San Onofre’s Steam Generator Failures Analysis

The new analysis by Fairewinds asserts that Edison's shortcuts caused the failures at San Onofre's steam generators