Oil Tanker Info Sheet

Since 1975 Friends of the Earth has maintained a presence in the Paci c Northwest, covering a broad range of environmental issues.

Northwest Campaign Info Sheet

Our Oceans and Vessels Program is keenly aware that until we wean ourselves off fossil fuels, we must ensure that the best available technology and practices are continuously updated to reduce the risks posed by their transportation, because the greatest risk of an oil spill is complacency.

Tar sands/Dilbit Crude Oil Movements Within the Salish Sea

This report from Friends of the Earth documents the transits between the Kinder Morgan oil terminal in Burnaby, British Colombia and the U.S. Oil and Refining Co. in Tacoma, Washington from 2010 to 2014.

Myths & Realities of Leaded Aviation Fuel

The September 2016 report catalogues the current use of avgas by piston-engine aircraft (small propeller planes and some helicopters), the gaps in regulations and proposed policy solutions.

Green Group CEO letter to Interior Department on Arctic Ocean drilling

Conservation groups called on the Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to suspend offshore oil and gas activities in the Arctic Ocean.

Expanding short sea shipping in California: Environmental impacts and recommended best practices

This report examines the harmful impacts of short sea shipping in California and proposes ways to reduce them.

The Case for a strong Polar Code

This report provides recommendations for minimizing the environmental risks associated with polar shipping.