Letter on IFC funding of Mavin

We are concerned that IFC continues to fund industrial livestock projects that appear to give insufficient attention to the letter and spirit of the IFC’s Good Practice Note Read More

Letter on IFC Project 44281

We remain concerned that that the IFC approval will result in a continuation of deeply unsustainable agricultural practices in the Cerrado. Read More

2022 Cruise Ship Report Card

The 2022 Cruise Ship Report Card takes a continued hard look at the cruise industry to see if clean cruising is possible and in most cases the answer is still a resounding NO! Read More

Letter to Sec. Regan on CAFOs

We are writing to urge the Environmental Protection Agency to exercise its existing statutory authority to protect communities from the harmful impacts of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), also known as factory farms. Read More

Letter to Secretary Yellen on IMF vote

We urge you to demonstrate greater leadership at the IMF and among other IMF shareholders to support the goals of the Paris Agreement. Read More

Industrial Animal Agriculture Impacts on Environmental Justice and the Need for Federal Oversight

This fact sheet explores industrial animal agriculture’s health impacts on environmental justice & rural communities. Read More

Building Good Governance into the Indonesian Sovereign Wealth Fund

This report examines best practices and outlines policy recommendations for the Indonesian Investment Authority. Read More

Deny, Deceive, Delay: Documenting Climate Disinformation at COP26 and Beyond

In place of climate denial, narratives have trended towards discrediting any proposal for mitigation, adaptation and transition - arguments sometimes referred to as ‘discourses of delay’ Read More

Climate Disinformation and the New European Regulations

The European Union has moved more quickly than the United States to adopt laws and regulations impacting digital platforms. Read More

Reducing Climate Disinformation Through Administrative Action

Immediate actions for the administration to hold social media companies accountable for letting climate disinformation spread. Read More