Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes: Coming soon to Florida and Texas?

Oxitec has genetically engineered the Aedes aegypti mosquito, known to transmit tropical diseases like dengue fever, zika, and chikungunya.

Genetically Engineered Animals: From Lab to Factory Farm

This report, provides a scientific overview of the concerns with genetically engineered food animal experiments that are underway, and reveals the risks to human health, the environment and animal welfare.

Shopper’s Guide to GMOs: Are You Ready For The New Wave of Genetic Engineering?

These GMOs by other names are still GMOs. Companies are rushing patented new genetic engineering technologies into food, cosmetics and supplements with no precaution and no transparency.

Gene-edited organisms in agriculture: Risks and unexpected consequences

The unexpected and unintended effects of all genetically engineered organisms, regardless of whether ‘traditional’ or gene-edited genetic engineering techniques have been used, have the potential to cause environmental and human health problems.

From Lab to Fork

Whether made from genetically engineered yeast or through in vitro processes, these next-generation animal replacement products are manufactured in resource-intensive factories. The products are often made with multiple processed ingredients, including gums, flavors, colors and other additives. Some products also include novel, genetically engineered ingredients like the “heme” secreted from genetically engineered yeast, which gives the Impossible Burger its “blood.”

GMO Animal Replacement Products

Genetically engineered animal replacement products are entering the market before they have been proven to be safe, scalable and sustainable alternatives to factory farmed animal products.

GMO Arctic Apple scavenger hunt

Help us find where the GMO apple is hiding. Check if your store is selling packages of sliced “Arctic Apples,” let them know you don’t want them to carry it, and then let us know what you learn!

Synbio Algae Issue Brief

The hype and investment around algae biofuels has not resulted in commercially viable biofuels. Worse yet, they distract attention and resources from more promising, less risky and proven solutions to climate and energy concerns, such as efficiency, solar and wind energy, relocalization, expanded public transportation, dietary shifts and regenerative agriculture.

Synbio Algae Report

The question remains: Is Big Oil’s investment in algae biofuels based on confidence in a credible alternative to fossil fuels, or is it nothing more than a public relations stunt?

Walmart Statement on GMO Salmon

Walmart is committed to finding safe, affordable and sustainable food for customers that does not negatively affect global communities or the environment. Walmart has no plans to sell GMO salmon.