Scaling Up Healthy, Climate-Friendly School Food

Within this broader vision of climate-friendly foodservice, this report focuses primarily on strategies for increasing offerings of healthy, cost-effective plant forward foods.

Meat of the Matter

A municipal guide to climate-friendly food purchasing.

Shrinking the Carbon and Water Footprint of School Food

As schools across the nation grapple with how to feed kids healthier, more sustainable food on tight budgets, an inspiring story from Oakland Unified School District provides a roadmap for change. Friends of the Earth’s new case study shows how the district was able to significantly reduce its carbon and water footprint by replacing a share of its meat, poultry and cheese purchases with plant-based proteins

Reflections on the 2015-2016 Dietary Guidelines Process and Recommendations

We hope the IOM will confirm the soundness of the current Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee process, and focus much of its review on how to enhance the ability of USDA and HHS to publish Dietary Guidelines that fully and clearly reflect the weight of the scientific evidence, as opposed to political or profit-driven food industry interests.

Comments on U.S. Food Service Guidelines

On behalf of Friends of the Earth (FOE), I appreciate the opportunity to provide responses to questions seven and eight from the RFI for solicitation number: FY15WellnessAmenityProgram regarding the 2011 Health and Sustainability Guidelines for Federal Concessions and Vending Operations (“the federal food service guidelines”)

Friends of the Earth Comments on the 2015 Scientific Report on Dietary Guidelines

Friends of the Earth urges HHS and USDA to embrace the Scientific Report’s recommendations regarding sustainability, and develop clear guidance on the need for reduced consumption of animal products and more plant-based foods for the sake of public health and the environment.