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Joint Comments on NPDES Permit

For decades, the federal government has pushed to expand marine finfish aquaculture in federal waters, despite massive public opposition and negative global experiences with the industry, including but not limited to: farmed fish spills, parasites, disease, conflicts with marine life, use of antibiotics and other toxins, harm to wild fisheries and coastal economies, and the devastation of native wild fish stocks.

Support the Keep Finfish Free Act (HR 2467)

The federal government is working toward permitting industrial ocean sh farms in federal ocean waters without explicit Congressional authorization. The Keep Fin sh Free Act (H.R. 2467) simply provides the opportunity for Congress to weigh in before allowing federal agencies to issue commercial permits.

Final Endangered Species Act Notice Letter to NOAA

60-Day Notice of Intent to Sue NOAA under the Endangered Species Act Regarding Sea Grant’s Funding of Offshore Aquaculture Projects

Opposition to marine finfish aquaculture in US waters sign-on letter

Industrial ocean fish farming – also known as open ocean, offshore, or marine finfish aquaculture – is the concentrated cultivation of captive finfish in the ocean, in net pens, pods, cages, or other devices.

AQUAA Act Fact Sheet

The AQUAA Act (S. 3138/H.R. 6966) would bring industrial ocean fish farms to federal waters and endanger marine life.

Industrial Ocean Fish Farming: Myths & Facts

Setting the record straight on the myths vs. facts of the Industrial Ocean Fish Farming industry.

Industrial Fish Farming NGO Letter

Industrial marine finfish farming poses serious risks to our oceans, coastal communities, and public health. We represent a variety of stakeholders, industries, and organizations who rely significantly on a healthy ocean ecosystem.

Industrial Ocean Fish Farms Infographic

An infographic outlining the locations and recent disasters of Industrial Ocean Fish Farms in the United States.

The Dangers of Industrial Ocean Fish Farming

This farming technique is extremely risky and fraught with environmental and socio-economic havoc.

Talking Points: Industrial Ocean Fish Farming

Industrial ocean fish farming is a form of aquaculture that involves the mass breeding, rearing and harvesting of finfish in net pens, pods, and cages, allowing for unrestricted exchange between the farm and the ocean ecosystem.