2019 Annual Report

With 11 years left to begin the societal transformation needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, our movement’s past accomplishments, however noteworthy, are not sufficient for the struggles ahead. We must campaign for the planet differently. Read More

2018 Annual Report

Within the progressive moment, we forced a robust environmental agenda to the forefront. We fought to oust Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt and won. We fought to oust Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and won. We passed state legislation to ban bee-killing pesticides and to halt offshore drilling in California, and helped negotiate a landmark Just Transition agreement to replace dirty energy with renewables. Read More

2017 Annual Report

We’ve galvanized volunteers to become environmental leaders in their own communities, kept Big Oil and Gas out of our precious public lands, and made big progress in our ongoing fight to eliminate bee-killing pesticides. Read More

2016 Annual Report

In this annual report you can read more about the progress you created this past year – from our work toeliminate bee-killing neonics and transform our food system, to our bold efforts to protect our nation’s air, land and water from polluting industries, to our crucial fight against climate change, and so much more. Read More

2015 Annual Report

Over the past year, deep societal tensions fueled by economic inequality, persistent structural racism, climate change, the perpetual state of war and concerns about corporate power are overwhelming our national consciousness. Read More

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

Annual Report 2012: The Faces of Change

Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2010

Friends of the Earth's annual report for 2010 Read More