Report: Organic, plant-forward school meals

Organic, Plant-Forward, Scratch Cooked School Meals: A California Case Study

Organic, Plant-Forward, Scratch Cooked School Meals: A California Case Study

Organic, Plant-Forward Scratch Cooked School Meals: A California Case Study

As schools across the nation grapple with how to feed kids healthier, more sustainable food on tight budgets, an inspiring story from Northern California provides a roadmap for change.  This report spotlights 3 schools that are implementing a values-based, climate-friendly school food service model developed and supported by Conscious Kitchen– rooted in providing 100 percent organic, scratch-cooked, and plant-forward school meals in low-waste kitchens. We hope that this case study will inspire other school districts to discover which strategies and investments work for them. We also hope that the compelling benefits of this model described in this report, along with key policy recommendations, will inspire greater public and philanthropic advocacy, investment and policy change to support a comprehensive transition to healthier, climate-friendly school food service.

  1. Conscious Kitchen Report
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Listen to Judi Shils, Founder of Conscious Kitchen, present the case study in a short 10 minute video presentation.
  4. Listen to our hour long webinar that covers the basics on climate friendly food, the benefits of sourcing organic school food, the Conscious Kitchen case study and more. 

Friends of the Earth’s Climate-Friendly School Food Program helps school districts make the shift towards healthy, delicious, plant-forward menus. The program provides technical assistance and marketing materials, supports student and community engagement strategies, and links school districts with the resources they need to be successful. Friends of the Earth also partners with school districts and NGOs to advocate for state and federal policy change. For more information or to request support on implementing climate-friendly food strategies, email [email protected] and subscribe to our newsletter here.

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