NGO GCF Letter

Letter to Green Climate Fund Board regarding conduct of July 2017 Board meeting.

Better Burgers: For Our Health, Environment, Farmers and Animals

Americans eat at least 20 billion burgers a year. Producing all those burgers requires massive amounts of water, fuel, chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The Benefits of Better Burgers

You can make better burgers by replacing 30-50% of the meat with mushrooms or veggies. By using less meat, you can cut a burger's carbon footprint and afford healthier, better quality, third-party certified beef.

Massachusetts Pollinators in Decline Event

Many of our critical pollinators are in crisis in Massachusetts. Join us for a series of presentations that will demonstrate how Massachusetts can become a national leader in pollinator protection.

Amicus Brief for Children’s Climate Lawsuit

Brief of Amici Curia, Food & Water Watch, Inc., Friends of the Earth - US, and Greenpeace, Inc. in opposition to Writ of Mandamus.

Letter in Opposition to Sam Clovis’s USDA Nomination

The undersigned farming, food, consumer and environmental organizations and businesses strongly oppose the nomination of Sam Clovis — a climate change denier with no background in food or agriculture — as the Undersecretary for Research, Education and Economics (REE) at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Testimony on V. C. Summer Nuclear Project

Public Interest Testimony Presented in absentia from the Witness List of the Senate’s V. C. Summer Nuclear Project Review Committee and House Utility Ratepayer Protection Committee

Kroger Week of Action: Pollinator Guide

List of foods bees pollinate.

Kroger Week of Action: Toolkit

Join thousands of people coast-to-coast to swarm Kroger stores the weeks surrounding Labor Day (August 26 – September 10) to urge Kroger to stop selling food grown with bee-killing pesticides.

Kroger Week of Action: Shareable Graphic

Shareable graphic for Kroger Week of Action 2017.