It’s Time to Abandon the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Shareholders should encourage Duke Energy and Dominion Energy executives to re-evaluate the prudence of pouring billions of dollars more into the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP). Current events demonstrate that it is time to change course.

Letter to EXIM Inspector General on Sasan ash spill

We have repeatedly brought serious environmental and human rights concerns (including ongoing fatalities) to the attention of EXIM. It is shocking and unacceptable that despite agency claims that these matters have been remedied, continued fatalities occur.

Letter to EXIM Bank on Sasan ash spill

We write regarding the most recent deaths that have occurred at the EXIM-supported Sasan coal plant and mine in India. This loss of life is completely unacceptable; the U.S. government should not be using taxpayer dollars to support such a deadly project.

Letter to Mnuchin on Big Ag COVID Relief

In order to prevent further concentration in the face of this crisis, we urge the Treasury Department to direct Title IV funds towards helping small and mid-sized family farmers stay on their land.

The Big Oil Money Pit

How $750 billion in new stimulus spending could prop up failing polluters

2019 Annual Report

With 11 years left to begin the societal transformation needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, our movement’s past accomplishments, however noteworthy, are not sufficient for the struggles ahead. We must campaign for the planet differently.

CA Food and Farm Stimulus 4 Sign-On Letter

As Congress develops urgently needed additional legislation to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, on behalf of the California communities that we serve, we urge legislators to do much more to ensure that healthy, safe and affordable food is available to all, and to minimize the challenges facing farmers, food workers and farmworkers who are risking their own health to keep our food system going

No More Big Oil Bailouts

Corporate polluters are asking for “royalty relief,” essentially a bailout that would lower or eliminate payments to taxpayers.

US Army Corps of Engineers Sign-On Letter Regarding COVID-19

On March 13, 2020, the Executive Office of the President declared a national emergency, finding and proclaiming that “the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States constitutes a national emergency, beginning March 1, 2020.” Despite the ongoing crisis of lethal proportion, USACE seems to be conducting business as usual.

COVID-19 Family Farmers Sign-On Letter

On behalf of our millions of members and supporters across the country, we are writing to urge you to prioritize family-scale producers and local and regional food systems in Congress’ efforts to provide relief for those affected by the COVID-19 virus.