Massachusetts Pollinators in Decline Event

Many of our critical pollinators are in crisis in Massachusetts. Join us for a series of presentations that will demonstrate how Massachusetts can become a national leader in pollinator protection.

Kroger Week of Action: Pollinator Guide

List of foods bees pollinate.

Kroger Week of Action: Toolkit

Join thousands of people coast-to-coast to swarm Kroger stores the weeks surrounding Labor Day (August 26 – September 10) to urge Kroger to stop selling food grown with bee-killing pesticides.

Kroger Week of Action: Shareable Graphic

Shareable graphic for Kroger Week of Action 2017.

Foods That Bees Pollinate

List of the foods that bees pollinate.

Buyers Bee-ware: Municipal Purchasers’ Guide to Protecting Pollinators

This report outlines how government agencies and institutions can change their purchasing policies and practices to protect honey bees and other pollinators

Bee Safe Gardening Tips

Plant bee-friendly plants using only organic starts or untreated seeds in organic potting soil for your home vegetable and flower gardens to help provide safe food and habitat for bees.

Buzz Kill: How the Pesticide Industry is Clipping the Wings of Bee Protection Efforts Across the U.S.

This report has found that the pesticide industry is stifling urgently needed reforms that would help these essential pollinators survive and rebuild their numbers.

Gardeners Beware: Bee-Toxic Pesticides Found in "Bee-Friendly" Plants Sold at Garden Centers Across the U.S.

New report finds 28 percent decrease in toxic pesticides in “bee-friendly” plants and shows that retailer commitments are shifting the market.

#GreenTheGreens: Students for Safe and Healthy Campus Grounds

A campaign to inspire students, groundskeepers, landscapers and servicers to transition to chemical, toxic and pesticide-free lawn and garden management on college campuses.