Response to OPIC RE Vaca Muerta

The response provided by OPIC suggests that it is normal to address these fundamentally important issues at some later stage (which is conveniently after financing for the project is approved).

Pesticides and Soil Health

This brief summarizes the science on a third critical principle of regenerative agriculture that receives comparatively little attention: minimizing use of pesticides.

BlackRock’s Big Deforestation Problem

This paper examines the role of BlackRock, the world’s largest fund manager with $6.5 trillion USD of assets under management, in financing the global crisis of deforestation and land conflict.

Toxic Acres

Since neonicotinoid insecticides were rst intro- duced in the 1990s, U.S. agriculture has become 48 times more toxic to insect life, according to a new study in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One.

Government Ethics and Accountability Campaign: Position Paper

It is time to embark upon a similarly ambitious set of reforms to ensure no elected or appointed official, including the president, is allowed to abuse their power.

Economic Policy Campaign: Position Paper

Mega-mergers in many sectors — from finance to agriculture to technology — have increased corporate power and control, both in economic and political terms. Today, corporations have a stronger electoral voice than ever and greater lobbying power.

Democracy Campaign: Position Paper

Friends of the Earth strives for a healthier and just world. Yet, environmental and social progress on every issue we work on — from curbing climate change to ensuring the safety of the food we eat and the water we drink — is hampered by threats to our democratic system.

Support the Keep Finfish Free Act (HR 2467)

The federal government is working toward permitting industrial ocean sh farms in federal ocean waters without explicit Congressional authorization. The Keep Fin sh Free Act (H.R. 2467) simply provides the opportunity for Congress to weigh in before allowing federal agencies to issue commercial permits.

Regenerative Agriculture Campaign: Position Paper

We need a massive expansion of diversified, organic and ecologically regenerative farming systems. These are based on practices that draw carbon out of the atmosphere and produce abundant, nutritious food using less energy and water.

Climate Policy Campaign: Position Paper

Climate policy must combine environmental stewardship with economic, social and racial justice. In addition, federal climate policy will require not only aggressive mandates but massive public investment — a missing piece from previous climate proposals steeped in market fundamentalism.