Save Energy, Save Dollars

A bold new vision for reducing low income energy burdens in Shelby County, Tennessee.

2019 Cruise Ship Report Card

The 2019 Cruise Ship Report Card hands out F’s to the biggest cruise company in the world—Carnival Corp.—for its seven subsidiary cruise lines’ illegal environmental pollution over the past two+ years.

Kroger Bee Letter

In the spirit of National Pollinator Week, I urge Kroger do its part to celebrate and protect pollinators by committing to eliminate pollinator-toxic pesticides in its conventional supply chain and increase offerings of domestic organic food.

Final Endangered Species Act Notice Letter to NOAA

60-Day Notice of Intent to Sue NOAA under the Endangered Species Act Regarding Sea Grant’s Funding of Offshore Aquaculture Projects

Shopper’s Guide to GMOs: Are You Ready For The New Wave of Genetic Engineering?

These GMOs by other names are still GMOs. Companies are rushing patented new genetic engineering technologies into food, cosmetics and supplements with no precaution and no transparency.

Big Oil Tax Giveaway Fact Sheet

In December 2017, Trump signed into law one of the biggest giveaways to corporations and billionaires in U.S. history: the so-called Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Green New Deal Food & Ag Sign-On Letter

Our nationwide coalition of more than 300 food, farming, fishing, worker, environmental, public health and public interest organizations urges Congress to advance a Green New Deal that reflects the central role of food and agriculture in our climate crisis and its solutions.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline – Risk Upon Risk

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline faces some of the stiffest community and environmental opposition in the country today, comparable to that faced by TransCanada’s ill-fated Keystone XL project. Seventeen months since certification by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, construction has barely progressed.

Power to Memphis: Options for a Reliable, Affordable and Greener Future

The Brattle Report concludes that if MLGW and the City of Memphis were to exercise a clause in their contract with the TVA that allows the utility to terminate its contract in five years, the city could develop an alternative energy supply that could generate cost savings of $240-$333 million per year compared to costs incurred by Memphis under the current TVA plan.

Organic for All: Results of the Organic Diet Biomonitoring Study

In this peer-reviewed study, we compared pesticide levels in the bodies of four American families for six days on a non-organic diet and six days on a completely organic diet. We found that an organic diet rapidly and dramatically reduced exposure to pesticides in just one week.