Trump is stripping protections for Bears Ears & Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments

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Nanoparticles in baby formula: Tiny new ingredients are a big concern

Friends of the Earth commissioned an independent laboratory analysis of popular baby formulas to find out if they contain nanoparticles (extremely tiny man-made particles).

Tar sands/Dilbit Crude Oil Movements Within the Salish Sea

This report from Friends of the Earth documents the transits between the Kinder Morgan oil terminal in Burnaby, British Colombia and the U.S. Oil and Refining Co. in Tacoma, Washington from 2010 to 2014.

Coal Tax Subsidies: A Boon for Kemper

This report sounds the alarm on a lame duck tax deal that could send billions in subsidies to Southern Company’s long-troubled Kemper coal plant in De Kalb, Mississippi.

The secret ingredients in our food

As a member of Friends of the Earth, you’re fueling the fight for a healthy and just world. From saving bees from extinction to stopping international trade deals that threaten public health and the environment, you’re doing great things to protect us from an uncertain future. Read on to see what you’ve helped achieve in the last few months.

Spring 2016 Newsmagazine: Who defends nature’s defenders?

Throughout much of the world, where people depend directly on lands, rivers, forests and soils, defending the environment is not a luxury; it is a necessity of survival and a cultural imperative.

Over-Leased: How Production Horizons of Already Leased Federal Fossil Fuels Outlast Global Carbon Budgets

A new report finds that already leased federal fossil fuels will last decades beyond targets set by the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Myths & Realities of Leaded Aviation Fuel

The September 2016 report catalogues the current use of avgas by piston-engine aircraft (small propeller planes and some helicopters), the gaps in regulations and proposed policy solutions.

2015 Annual Report

Over the past year, deep societal tensions fueled by economic inequality, persistent structural racism, climate change, the perpetual state of war and concerns about corporate power are overwhelming our national consciousness.

Chain Reaction II: How Top Restaurants Rate on Reducing Use of Antibiotics in Their Meat Supply

Second annual report and scorecard that grades America’s top restaurant chains’ on their policies and practices regarding antibiotics use and transparency in their meat and poultry supply chains.

Swarming the Aisles: Rating top retailers on bee-friendly and organic food

Our new report and scorecard graded 20 of the largest food retailers in the United States on their policies and practices regarding pollinator protection, organic offerings and pesticide reduction.