Northwest Campaign Info Sheet

Our Oceans and Vessels Program is keenly aware that until we wean ourselves off fossil fuels, we must ensure that the best available technology and practices are continuously updated to reduce the risks posed by their transportation, because the greatest risk of an oil spill is complacency.

Impeach Scott Pruitt Fact Sheet

President Trump has given no indication that he intends to remove Pruitt, so it is time for Congress to take control. It is time for Congress to impeach Scott Pruitt.

GMO Animal Replacement Products

Genetically engineered animal replacement products are entering the market before they have been proven to be safe, scalable and sustainable alternatives to factory farmed animal products.

2017 Annual Report

We’ve galvanized volunteers to become environmental leaders in their own communities, kept Big Oil and Gas out of our precious public lands, and made big progress in our ongoing fight to eliminate bee-killing pesticides.

Food Retailer Scorecard

Our analysis shows that most of the top U.S. food retailers have a long way to go to address overuse of agricultural pesticides and to advance organic agriculture in the U.S.

Transnational corporations and land speculation in Brazil

TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture, one of the largest corporations on the international land market, is buying huge tracts of land in Brazil’s Cerrado region. TIAA-CREF’s land acquisition is part of a trend leading to expropriation of land from indigenous people, Afro-Brazilian quilombolas, and other peasant farmers, and driving the destruction of the fragile Cerrado ecosystem.

The Dangers of Industrial Ocean Fish Farming

This farming technique is extremely risky and fraught with environmental and socio-economic havoc.

Comments to OPIC on the PT DAP Oleochemical Project

We write to provide input regarding OPIC’s consideration of financing for the PT. Domas Agrointi Prima (DAP) Oleochemical Project – Medan, Indonesia Project.

Investing in a Green Belt and Road? Assessing the Implementation of China’s Green Credit Guidelines Abroad

The Chinese government has become an unexpected leader in pushing for new green credit policies, but are Chinese banks doing their part to keep the Belt and Road Initiative green?

Meat of the Matter

A municipal guide to climate-friendly food purchasing.