Environmental Groups Oppose SCOTUS Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh

The undersigned environmental groups write today on behalf of our millions of members and supporters to express our strong opposition to the confirmation of D.C. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime seat on the United States Supreme Court.

Nanoparticles in Children’s Sunscreens

Friends of the Earth tested a selection of four children’s sun- screen products purchased from Walmart and Babies R Us. We found nanoparticles of potential concern in all four sunscreens tested, including nano titanium dioxide (TiO2) and nano zinc oxide (ZnO).

High Risk in the Rainforest

New findings indicate that GVL has failed to reform its operations, despite numerous complaints led with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2012, including a comprehensive set of complaints armed by the RSPO Complaints Panel in February 2018.

From Lab to Fork

Whether made from genetically engineered yeast or through in vitro processes, these next-generation animal replacement products are manufactured in resource-intensive factories. The products are often made with multiple processed ingredients, including gums, flavors, colors and other additives. Some products also include novel, genetically engineered ingredients like the “heme” secreted from genetically engineered yeast, which gives the Impossible Burger its “blood.”

Department of Interior FOIA (June 26, 2018)

The violations arise out of Agency Defendants’ failure to respond to FOIA requests that Plaintiffs submitted for records regarding policies or guidelines governing Agency Defendants’ handling of FOIA requests that were created, stored, or received under the current Administration—since January 20, 2017.

Industrial Fish Farming NGO Letter

Industrial marine finfish farming poses serious risks to our oceans, coastal communities, and public health. We represent a variety of stakeholders, industries, and organizations who rely significantly on a healthy ocean ecosystem.

Industrial Ocean Fish Farms Infographic

An infographic outlining the locations and recent disasters of Industrial Ocean Fish Farms in the United States.

Oil Tanker Info Sheet

Since 1975 Friends of the Earth has maintained a presence in the Paci c Northwest, covering a broad range of environmental issues.

Northwest Campaign Info Sheet

Our Oceans and Vessels Program is keenly aware that until we wean ourselves off fossil fuels, we must ensure that the best available technology and practices are continuously updated to reduce the risks posed by their transportation, because the greatest risk of an oil spill is complacency.

Impeach Scott Pruitt Fact Sheet

President Trump has given no indication that he intends to remove Pruitt, so it is time for Congress to take control. It is time for Congress to impeach Scott Pruitt.