School Food Toolkit


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School Food Toolkit

Do you want to see more climate-friendly food in your local school district? We can help! Read our School Lunch Toolkit for Change that we helped create in partnership with One Meal a Day for the Planet.

This toolkit is designed to help you inform and inspire your school district to add more healthful, plant-based and organic options for kids.

While progress is occurring, the vast majority of schools are serving meals made with factory-farmed meat five times a week, with limited plant-based and organic offerings.  Industrially produced animal products are among the most climate-harming and resource-intensive foods, requiring large amounts of land, water, fuel and other energy-intensive inputs (e.g. pesticides, chemical fertilizers). Healthy, plant-forward food is better for our health and the environment. It has a lower carbon and water footprint, and generates substantial health benefits.

Get started today on making school lunch better in your community by downloading the School Lunch Toolkit for Change. Once you download the kit, we will be in touch with you to provide additional guidance and support.

Thank you for joining us in helping to create a food system that is healthier for our bodies and the planet!

Download the kit today