Meet Erich Pica

Friends of the Earth President Erich Pica is a nationally recognized environmental and progressive leader, and an economics expert on energy subsidies. For more than a decade, Erich has worked to reform U.S. tax and budget policy to reduce pollution and increase clean energy. His core belief that… Read More

Food and Technology

Food and farming For decades, United States food and farming policy, corporate power and agricultural science have been directed toward a narrow goal: producing as many calories as possible as cheaply as possible. The confluence of these forces has created a powerful river of toxic, energy-intensive factory farming. A growing… Read More

Peer reviewed study exposes potentially hazardous nanoparticles in baby formula

We are urging federal regulators to establish clear and binding rules around use of nanoparticles in food and consumer products and demand that all companies immediately remove nanoingredients from baby formula and other foods until regulations are in place. Read More

Civil Society Concerns Regarding GCF & High Environmental/Social Risk Projects

As the Board of the Green Climate Fund prepares to consider its first high risk projects at the upcoming GCF meeting in South Korea October 12-14, more than 100 groups have issued the following statement to express deep concern about the inadequacy of policies and practices in place for financing… Read More

Potentially hazardous nanoparticles found in powdered baby formula

It’s of real concern that these tiny particles are used in hundreds of consumer products, and now in infant formula, with minimal to no oversight. Companies and regulators must take extra care with a product fed to the most vulnerable among us. Read More

Nanoparticles in baby formula: Tiny new ingredients are a big concern

Friends of the Earth commissioned an independent laboratory analysis of popular baby formulas to find out if they contain nanoparticles (extremely tiny man-made particles). Read More

EPA agrees to regulate novel nanotechnology pesticides after legal challenge

This important decision is part of the transformation our government agencies must continue to pursue in order to protect the public from potentially dangerous products containing nanoscale ingredients. Read More

Coalition of NGOs releases nanotech recommendation reflecting concern about use of nanotech in foods

“It’s time to shed light on this novel food technology. If we continue to allow a lack of regulation and transparency, we should be prepared to deal with the consequences of walking blindly with a risky technology,” said Ian Illuminato, Friends of the Earth Health and Environment Campaigner. Read More

New report: Tiny ingredients, big risks

This press release has been edited to reflect new information as of June 13, 2014. Companies who have recently claimed they do not introduce nanoscale titanium dioxide into products highlighted on our nanofoods list have been removed. Friends of the Earth removed 11 products from our nanofoods product list to… Read More

Sinister partners: transatlantic trade agreement & toxic chemicals

Chemicals are the sinister and little-recognized partners of radiation in changing the very nature of the world–the very nature of life. – Rachel Carson. On July 8, in Washington, D.C., trade negotiators from the United States and the European Union are expected to open the first round of… Read More