What will the High Level Ministers Do?

What will the High Level Ministers Do?

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The intensity level kicked up a notch today. More people, more security, two separate entry lines for “heads of state” and “participants.” The high level segment has started with a series of speeches from country representatives today and tomorrow. But while the ministers speak, the negotiations are still ongoing behind closed doors. The high level representatives who have just arrived have their work cut out for them to reach an agreement. Japan, Canada and the United States have taken actions over the last several days suggesting they are not at all interested in reaching agreement at these talks. These governments are working to remove text on emissions reductions from industrialized countries, while Canada has insisted that developing countries take on legally binding emission reductions goals. The United States has also openly blocked a proposal for a multi-lateral technology sharing fund – one of the key pieces that could help developing countries shift to cleaner technologies. By attacking this fund, and by taking previous actions to block language about ensuring funding for adaptation needs in the most vulnerable countries, the U.S. seems to be taking all incentives for developing countries out of the discussion. It’s clear the U.S. has no plans to live up to its responsibility to the rest of the world on climate change.

All this and it’s the 10th anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol today – happy birthday?!?

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