New Biotechnologies: No Longer Science Fiction

New Biotechnologies: No Longer Science Fiction

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Gillian MadillGillian Madill, Friends of the Earth’s Genetic Technologies Campaigner, recently testified to the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade on new human biotechnologies. Her testimony addressed the implications of various biotech issues, from bioweapons to human-animal hybrids and gene doping — technologies already gaining ground that can present a very serious threat to human life and the environment if not approached with caution.

New Biotechnologies: No Longer Science Fiction

The level of genetic modification is intensifying and getting more complex each day.  Genetic technologies are developing at an exponential pace, and have far outpaced existing regulatory structures, putting human health, the environment, our economy, and homeland security at risk. It is imperative that Congress take action and guide this
important research so that it is productive and non-destructive.

Part human-part chimp children, kidnapping for blood cells, genetically engineered pets, genetic cures for drug addiction, and the emergence of a new human race are the topics of some of the best-selling scientific fiction stories, such as Next by Michael Crichton or I Am Legend starring Will Smith. These stories are no longer fiction. Scientific advancements are making these fantasies possible, and Congress must act quickly to institute a regulatory structure that saves us from the tragic endings of these previously fantasy stories.

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