Ship Shape: Clean Cruise Ship Act

Ship Shape: Clean Cruise Ship Act

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We have great news to share! Just last week, Congressman Sam Farr (D-CA) introduced the Clean Cruise Ship Act of 2008 (H.R. 6434), a bill that would finally put an end to the dumping of sewage and other pollutants by cruise ships within 12 miles of our coastlines. In a single week, one large cruise ship can dump over 200,000 gallons of raw human sewage and one million gallons of graywater (polluted water from sinks, kitchens, and laundries) into our coastal waters. These polluted discharges contain bacteria and other harmful pollutants which can cause beach closings, contaminate shellfish beds, and harm sensitive marine life such as coral reefs.

Friends of the Earth has long fought to protect our oceans by ending cruise ship pollution and is working with Congressman Farr to build support for this bill and get a congressional hearing on this critical issue. But time is running out! If we don’t get a hearing scheduled now, our chances of ultimately passing a bill will be diminished. Please help us get a hearing scheduled before Congress adjourns in August. Click here to ask Congress for a hearing on cruise ship pollution now.