Congress on Energy: "Drill, baby...shill!"

Congress on Energy: “Drill, baby…shill!”

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Congress is failing to serve the public when it comes to our energy crisis and global warming. A compromised energy bill just passed the House and now the Senate is considering similar legislation THIS WEEK.

House Democrats pushed weak legislation days ago that capitulated to Republican demands for more offshore drilling and many Republicans complained about all the good things in the bill that had nothing to do with drilling. Now the Senate is taking up the issue, and they need to hear from you to tell them not to fund more dirty oil and coal.

Help us get a clear message to the Senate today to stop spinning the status quo as a solution and pass legislation that helps the public by providing only real solutions to our energy crisis.

Congress is finally responding to public concern over global warming and our energy crisis, but that response still pays too much homage to the agendas of Big Oil and King Coal. The demand for real alternative energy solutions must be louder in order to get Congress working for us and not corporate giants.

Wind and solar power, along with thoughtful transportation and energy conservation measures are real solutions that will reduce dependence on oil and address global warming. We need to remind Congress that these solutions are faster and cheaper than spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to try to clean up dirty coal or construct a vast array of dangerous new nuclear plants.

The Senate bill under consideration does have some incentives for alternative solutions, but it still gives $4 billion to coal and oil – including money earmarked for dirty fuels made from oil shale and tar sands, which can produce up to three times the global warming pollution than regular crude oil. This is sending money in the wrong direction – we need to be building a clean energy future that will create jobs and seriously address global warming.

Please join our effort. Contact your Senator today – before they vote. There is no “Big Wind,” or “Conservation Lobby” to grease the skids in our democracy. Our fight for a new energy revolution depends on public pressure alone.

If you want to find out more about what’s going on, see the resources below:

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