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Moving Cooler SummitFriends of the Earth hosted dozens of  environmental groups for a teach-in and strategy session on transportation infrastructure policy. This two day event, which concluded yesterday, focused on introducing the broader environmental community to the transportation policy debate, especially with regards to global warming. Next year, federal transportation policy will be debated in Congress. The transportation bill, worth hundreds of billions of dollars, is traditionally focused on road building. We are organizing the environmental community to shift the debate and focus the bill away from car-centric highways and toward sustainable alternatives, such as transit, biking, walking and smart growth development, that will help fight global warming.

This two day summit brought brought a wide variety of environmental, public policy and transportation planning groups.  The first day of the summit focused exploring the ways in which our transportation system impacts our climate.  The presentations that day, below, made clear the case that low carbon transportation alternatives are critical for preventing climate change. Yesterday, we began strategically planning how the environmental community’s climate campaigners can engage the upcoming battle over the transportation bill.



Moving Cooler Background Agenda

Center for Clean Air Policy: Transportation and Climate

Environmental Defense Fund: US Transportation Law

Brookings: Place Making and Climate

Smart Growth America: Growing Cooler

Rails to Trails: Active Transportation for America

Environmental Defense Fund: Pricing and Intelligent Transportation Systems

TransForm CA: California Dreamin’: Lessons for Successful Reform

Center for Clean Air Policy: Transportation and Climate Policy Update

Center for Clean Air Policy: Policy Strawman

Friends of the Earth: Proposed Principles for the Transportation Bill

(All presentations are in .pdf format)