Global day of action for climate justice

Global day of action for climate justice

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This Saturday is the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice and it is expected that thousands of people worldwide support the demonstrations and activities carried out in Poznan, Poland, where the COP 14 to the UN Convention on Climate Change is being held.

Almost a year ago, on December 8th, the Global Day of Action was commemorated throughout the world, and the COP13 was being held in Bali, Indonesia. There, thousands of people went to the streets of the island to carry out a massive demonstration for climate justice, which gathered representatives from social organizations and movements coming from tens of countries.

Friends of the Earth Poland is organizing for Saturday, December 6th, 2008, a bicycle ride under the slogan “Bikes for Climate”, which aims at promoting the use of this transport means instead of cars, whenever it´s possible. This activity will be carried out just before the main mobilization.

Approximately 50 members of “Young Friends of the Earth Europe” are in Poznan and will be part of the demonstration tomorrow, to demand the governments to wrap up the international negotiations and “act now”. Then, they will hand over to the official European delegations the demands of young people from over 30 European countries.

One of the coordinators of the Friends of the Earth Climate Justice and Energy Program, Juana Camacho, said that the “United Nations climate change negotiations are deciding the fate of millions of people and of our planet. World leaders must listen to the
demands to address climate change now and deliver climate justice”, according to a statement issued by the environmentalist federation.

President of CESTA – Friends of the Earth El Salvador, Ricardo Navarro, said that in Central America adapting to climate change is “essentially a struggle for survival”. “The lack of action by governments prompted people in Latin America to start movements of climate change victims and affected people to resist harmful projects, such as logging, mining and large coal and hydro projects”, he added.

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