World Social Forum IV comes to a close

World Social Forum IV comes to a close

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DancersToday we saw the World Social Forum IV come to a close under rainy skies. The rain united with many tears from the public and from the assembly groups who said their goodbyes and who once more lifted their hopes for change in the world. Though I did not fully understand most of the final speeches, which were delivered in Portuguese and other native languages — the deep messages of the need for change and the gratitude expressed for our coming together — filled the audience and everyone present.

The final hours before the closing ceremony was spent by some in the swimming pool of the WSF grounds, others were busy packing-up and taking down their tents. I spent the last hours walking around by myself, taking in the final sights of all the people who travelled to Belem for the forum. Lots of people were playing music, some dancing; there was even a group of people who blocked a road to give out “free hugs” to the many passing by.

World Social Forum 2009I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this historic event. It was also my pleasure to report on Friends of the Earth’s work here at the forum. I am left with a simple feeling in my heart: the change we have worked to amplify through the world WILL make its way around the globe.  It will join a river of many other hopes for positive change and it will someday soon fully manifest.

Thank you for following the blog and for all of your support in these efforts!

Un abraço grande,