Thanking those who take a stand

Thanking those who take a stand

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Right now, the Waxman-Markey house climate bill is being debated in Congress.  We would like to thank those members who took a courageous stand and vowed to vote against this bill.  Below we have the statement from Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), who made an impassioned speech about the bill’s flaws, including its enormous payouts to polluters.

This energy bill’s fine print betrays its laudable purpose. The real cap is on the public interest and the trade is the billions from the public to polluters. It is too weak to greatly spur new technologies and green jobs. An Administration analysis shows that doing nothing actually results in more new renewable electricity generation capacity than approving this bill.

“Vital authority for the EPA is stripped, but 2 billion additional tons of pollution are authorized every year, forever. Residential consumer protection incredibly is entrusted to the mercy of utility companies. Exempting a hundred new coal plants and paying billions to Old King Coal leaves him, indeed, a very merry old soul. This bill is 85% different from what President Obama proposed months ago. No wonder his Budget Director called this type of bill ‘the largest corporate welfare program in history of the United States.’ Until greatly improved, until families share in the billions this bill grants powerful lobbies, I cannot support it.”