Video Blogging From Bonn

Video Blogging From Bonn

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Friends of the Earth staff share their take on international climate negotiations

International climate change negotiations are underway in Bonn, Germany. These negotiations, formally known as an “intercessional,” are running from June 1 to 12 and are intended to lay the groundwork for countries to form a binding agreement to tackle the climate crisis. The agreement is expected to be finalized during further negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark, later this year.

Two Friends of the Earth U.S. staff (Kate Horner and Karen Orenstein) are in Bonn to participate in the negotiations, and they’re producing this video blog to keep folks back home up to speed. Check out the videos below to hear about Kate and Karen’s trip, and to learn more about the negotiations and the issues at stake.

You can learn more about the international climate negotiations here.

 Climate Negotiations:  Day One

Climate Negotiations: Day Three

Climate Negotiations: Day Seven

Climate Negotiations: Day Twelve

At the End of Talks

Watch a press conference held by Climate Justice Now! and Friends of the Earth International in Bonn, Germany at the end United Nations climate talks on June 12, 2009. Speakers from Friends of the Earth International, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, and Third World Network provide their assessments of progress made (or the lack thereof) in advancing a just, equitable, and effective climate agreement on the road to Copenhagen.

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