Just showing up is not enough

Just showing up is not enough

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Encourage the president to do right in Copenhagen.

When President Obama took office, the international community breathed a sigh of relief — filled with hope that the United States would finally step up and cooperate with the world to stop global warming.

Now just days away from the United Nations climate negotiations in Copenhagen, people across the globe are still waiting for President Obama’s strong words about solving climate change to translate into real action and leadership. Last week, President Obama announced that he will travel to Copenhagen for the negotiations. But we need him to do more than just show up — we need him to commit the U.S. to strong actions.

So far in international climate negotiations, President Obama’s administration has been stifling global cooperation. The U.S. is encouraging other wealthy countries to take a step backwards and make their commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions voluntary rather than mandatory. This approach endangers our chances of keeping the climate stable. A few of our progressive champions in Congress are writing to President Obama, urging him to strengthen his climate stance and lead the world in effectively and justly addressing the climate crisis.

As science and vulnerable communities around the globe call for drastic action, it is dangerous for the United States to be one of the leading obstacles to progress. In awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama, the Nobel Committee recognized the promise this administration holds to move us towards a just and peaceful world. This promise remains great — but we need action right now. The United States can’t afford to squander this opportunity to raise the bar internationally and address global warming in a spirit of environmental integrity and climate justice.

You can help get this message across to President Obama: tell your representative in Congress to support a letter calling on his administration to commit to strong climate action in Copenhagen.  We have until December 3!

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