Copenhagen Day 3: Wednesday, December 9

Copenhagen Day 3: Wednesday, December 9

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Day 3: Wednesday, December 9

Watch our latest video from Day 3 of the climate conference!

President Obama will accept his Nobel Peace Prize tomorrow in Oslo, in part for his supposedly “more constructive” role on climate change. Do his actions really measure up? Friends of the Earth international spokespeople don’t think so. Read our release here.

Today Young Friends of the Earth is saying “Up Yours” to the European Union as they call for stronger emission reduction targets along with adequate funding to help the countries most vulnerable to climate change deal with its impacts. They demonstrated with signs calling for a commitment to emissions reductions of 40 percent without using any offsets. This is the type of commitment developed countries urgently need to make to allow for real progress in protecting the environment and those around the world who stand to suffer the most from global warming.

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