Copenhagen Day 4: Thursday, December 10

Copenhagen Day 4: Thursday, December 10

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Day 4: Thursday, December 10

Today, President Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo Norway. And the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance has responded with a powerful letter addressed to President Obama. They write:

“Today Africa grapples with a challenge that is not of our making – impacts we had little role in causing. We find no alternative but to look to those nations that contributed most to causing climate change, and to call on them to lead by example. … You must live up to the dignity of the Nobel Prize when you come to Copenhagen. … We implore you not to crush the dreams from our fathers.” You can read the full letter here.   Here’s an update from Kate on the emotional and impromptu protest by African activists and members of parliaments at the Bella Center (where negotiations are taking place) on Tuesday.   Watch Nnimmo Bassey, chair of Friends of the Earth international, tell it straight about the need for President Obama to lead NOW on climate (via The UpTake). You can also read about Naomi Klein’s coversation with Nnimmo here.     Also, check out A Challenging Climate 2.0; what banks must do to combat climate change, a report released today by BankTrack.  It highlights the unparalleled position banks are in to play a key role in solving the climate crisis but the unfortunate “false solutions” they are proposing that will only further destroy our environment.

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