Copenhagen Day 8: Monday, December 14

Copenhagen Day 8: Monday, December 14

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Friends of the Earth Bella Center "flash mob"

Rich countries’ spurning of discussions over new emissions reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol stalled negotiations today in Copenhagen. The Danish government, which is presiding over the climate conference, made a procedural move that appeared to be an attempt to kill off the Kyoto Protocol, making it easier for rich countries to avoid making needed emissions reductions.

Through “dirty negotiating tactics,” rich countries are “trying to change the rules and tilt them in their own favor,” as Nnimmo Bassey explained in a Friends of the Earth International release (which you can read here).

African countries stood up to these tactics — and Friends of the Earth activists from across the international network have been holding “flash mobs” inside the Bella Center in Copenhagen to show solidarity with African countries’ demands that Kyoto targets for emissions reductions be protected.

Here Nnimmo Bassey explains why it’s important to stand with Africa:

Our Friends of the Earth U.S. president Erich Pica also responded with this statement:

“We support African countries’ demand that the Kyoto Protocol and its mandatory emissions commitments for rich countries be protected. We denounce the attempt by rich countries to change the rules and tilt them in their own favor. Developed countries are stalling as Africa attempts to move forward on key issues.”

Also, Nick wrote an excellent article about climate science deniers and their presence in Copenhagen.  Click here to read “The Orly Taitz of Climate Change? ‘Lord’ Monckton in Copenhagen.