Discovery: Don't Sell Out Alaska!

Discovery: Don’t Sell Out Alaska!

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We have a winner!

 Send a message directly to Discovery.

More than 3,600 of you voted in our poetry contest calling out Discovery Communications for giving Sarah Palin a “nature” documentary series with a paycheck of more than $1 million per episode for Palin. Now, the results are in!

Winner: Lee Rowan (Columbus, Ohio)

Palin’s Alaska:
Oil spills, animal corpses
Naught to Discover     Here are the other top ten finalists:   Honor Alaska
Let the wolf in sheep’s clothing
Represent it not By Angellah Petruso (San Pedro, CA)   Oil road to nowhere
Striking down wolves from the sky
Dark Discovery By Emily Vitori (Cincinnati, OH)   Sarah Palin’s mud
Discovery, clear water
Why blacken good things? By Anonymous   Red drops on white snow
A thousand howling deaths reaps
A million dollars By Craig Nazor (Austin, TX)   Unholy marriage
Discovery and Palin
Perhaps annulment? By David Powell (Edmonds, WA)
  See the pretty bear?
Alaska’s precious wildlife!
Now kids, lock and load By Patricia (Jupiter, FL)   Her fiery voice
Melts the Earth’s icy glaciers
Sugar-dipped poison By Laura Koulish (New York, New York)   I can see Russia
A nice view from my Hummer!
What global warming? By Stacy Ehrlich (Arlington, VA)
  Oh, Sarah Palin
No environmentalist
Get off my TV By Anonymous (Tucson, AZ)  

Congratulations to Lee and all of the top ten finalists in our “Discovery: Don’t Sell Out Alaska” poetry contest!

And thanks to your participation and the participation of members like you, we received more than 1,600 entries in less than a week and were able to send a message to Discovery — that it is alienating much of its potential audience by giving Palin a show — and to send that message in an unconventional way, through senryu1 poetry.

Discovery’s reputation stands to be tarnished with the filming of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. That’s why it’s so important to let Discovery know it is on the brink of alienating much of its potential audience, many of whom refuse to allow such a polarizing voice into their homes. You can directly send a message to Discovery here.

We’ll deliver all of the entries to Discovery’s headquarters with Lee’s entry on top, and all of our top ten finalists will receive a special prize.

  Thanks to all who submitted poetry and voted!

1We had been using the term “haiku,” but one of our activists alerted us that “senryu” is a more appropriate term. Senryu is a form of Japanese short poetry similar to haiku in form (17 or fewer syllables), but with a focus on human-nature interaction, while haiku tend to be solely about nature. Also, senryu are often cynical or darkly humorous while haiku are more serious. Thanks to An’ya for bringing this distinction to our attention!