Friends of the Earth Biofuels Team Debunks Growth Energy Ads in the Metro

Friends of the Earth Biofuels Team Debunks Growth Energy Ads in the Metro

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Buying the ad space in the Metro is one more step in Growth Energy’s advertising push to promote dirty ethanol.  They also spent $2.5 million on a TV ad campaign, and have hired expensive lobbyists to push Congress for more taxpayer dollars.  

Ethanol receives $11 billion a year in subsidies at the federal level, and even more in state and local subsidies, yet it results in environmental destruction and hunger for people around the world.  Curiously enough, the ethanol lobby is resisting any environmental safeguards, is angry that the EPA is taking time to properly study ethanol’s effects on cars, and portrays itself as “green” without any actual evidence of being so. Sound like another dirty fuel industry?  

Sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show!


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