Call on Your Senator to Save the Clean Air Act

Call on Your Senator to Save the Clean Air Act

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The U.S. Senate’s Committee on Appropriations is expected to consider rolling back the Clean Air Act on Thursday, September 16, and the vote could be extremely close.

The Clean Air Act is the most powerful existing federal tool to limit global warming pollution, and winning the fight against potential Clean Air Act rollbacks is the most important legislative task we can achieve on behalf of the climate for the remainder of this year.

Please call your senator who sits on the Appropriations Committee and ask him or her to VOTE “NO” ON ANY CLEAN AIR ACT ROLLBACKS during the committee’s “markup” of the Interior Appropriations bill on Thursday. Here’s how:

(1) Click on the following link to determine which of your senators is on the committee:

(2) Call that senator via the congressional switch board at 202-224-3121.

(3) Once you have someone on the phone, deliver the following message: “Hi, this is NAME calling from TOWN, CITY OR COUNTY. I am calling to urge SENATOR’S NAME to defend the Clean Air Act from attempted rollbacks that are expected to come up for a vote during the Interior Appropriations markup this week. I know that SENATOR’S NAME sits on this committee. Please ask my senator to stand up to Big Oil and the dirty coal industry and vote ‘no’ on ANY attempt to roll back the Clean Air Act. Can I count on SENATOR’S NAME to oppose ANY Clean Air Act rollback?”

(4) After you have made each call, please report your results using the form below.